Two Doors Down from the Girl Next Door

A young Linda Cardellini mixed with Alison Brie

genuine. earnest. fiery. sweet. quirky. honest. a tad sarcastic.

Los Angeles based SAG-AFTRA actress.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

Haunted House | Lifetime Movie Network

Survivor’s Remorse (Starz)

Better Things (FX)


All the Devils Are Here

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Swamp Land Creature Feature

Five college students on a backwoods excursion encounter a deadly, nocturnal presence. As horrific events unfold, the group joins forces with a town local and a prison escapee and attempt to survive the night.


Season 1 Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Go! Fight! Win?

Kelly Tuner (Ansley Gordon) who is running from her past and Jason who is running from his future find themselves thrown into this unlikely sport of cheerleading and even though it is obvious they are meant for each other, obstacles from their past begin to haunt them.


A new friendship with a geocacher has troublemaker Erica (Ansley Gordon) wondering what is the meaning of life, and where can she find it?